FIAS Firsching Analytical Systems
FIAS Firsching Analytical Systems

FIAS Firsching Analytical Systems


FIAS has existed in Austria for 10 years. We are a competent and motivated team, which has specialised in the area of electron microscopy.
FIAS is your local contact concerning equipment, accessories and consumables for electron microscopy.
Thanks to years of experience we can provide our services as your competent partner for all of your concerns and inquiries.
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Plano GmbH

Plano LLC is the market-leading supplier for electron- and light microscopy accessories in Germany. They supply their own products as well as products of Ted Pella Inc. (USA) and AGAR Scientific Ltd. (UK) for the German market. The family-run and owned business has been operating from their headquarters in Wetzlar, Germany, since 1979.

Agar Scientific

Agar Scientific, situated mainly in Stansted, Essex, has specialised in consumables and equipment of all kinds for laboratories and microscopy for over 40 years. Thanks to their partner companies, specialised in and certified for transportation and delivery of dangerous freight, it is possible to deliver a wide spectrum of laboratory chemicals to customers all over Europe.

Ted Pella, Inc.

Ted Pella was founded in 1969 and has been supporting colleges, universities, companies and hospitals both in routine operations and research, on the local US-American market but also world wide via specialised trading companies. The Ted Pella team has specialised themselves in supplying accessories needed for the day-to-day operations of electron- and light microscopes in various areas of application, as well as distribution of their own equipment and the equipment of well-known producers.

Kleindiek Nanotechnik

In 1991 Kleindiek Nanotechnik developed the Nanomotor®, which still provides the basis for developments and inventions in the area of revolving cylinder engines today. Technological advances in several areas allow micro- and nano-positioning to be carried out. The company provides innovative tailor-made solutions for a broad spectrum of applications in the areas of research and product development. They have maintained a steady market presence for more than 20 years. Their headquarters are in Reutlingen, Germany.

Fischione Instruments

The equipment provided by Fischione offers a broad portfolio of solutions for the preparation of samples in transmission- and scanning electron-microscopy. Today, more than 500 research institutes rely on the high-quality and advanced products provided by Fischione Instruments Inc. Since their inception in 1966, their products have been deployed via resellers and are used internationally with high rates of satisfaction.


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